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Auto Insurance

Welcome to Palm Beach Quote Insurance, your best choice for auto insurance in the Palm Beaches for over 22 years. Whether you live in Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, or Boca Raton.

Discover that extra peace of mind when you create that right policy. We at Palm Beach Quote Insurance offer you a choice of the most recognized, reputable, and innovative companies for your auto insurance.

All of them offer uniquely tailored packages for you whether you’re a first time driver or a retired person only using your car for pleasure. Even the teenager with their first pride and joy or the collector with multiple pride and joys. We will get you the right coverage.

Taking the kids to school or for the commute to and from the office.

Building the dream, taking you on the dream vacation, or just simply the dream car.

We offer packages for the parent, the young driver, the executive, the business owner, the retiree, and even the collector. Palm Beach Quote Insurance has you all covered.

Your car is extremely important to you. Our job is to keep you on the road with a policy tailored to your needs. We are not only professionals but we are enthusiasts as well. 

Our companies offer a wide range of coverage, including:

Liability: Bodily Injury and Property Damage

  • Pays to protect you from costs related to bodily injury or property damage, if you’re responsible for an accident.
  • When you buy liability, you choose the limit we pay for a liability claim.

No Fault: Personal Injury Protection

  • Pays for medical services to you, your family, your passengers, loss of income, as you’re unable to work if you’re hurt in a car accident, or as a pedestrian, regardless of fault.

Medical Payments

  • Pays for the medical bills and other living expenses while you heal as a result of an accident no matter who’s at fault.

Uninsured Motorist / Under-insured Motorist

  • Pays for medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages when you’re hurt in an accident caused by a driver who has no insurance or inadequate insurance.


  • Pays to repair your car if you hit or are hit by another vehicle or object, regardless of fault.


  • Pays if your car is stolen or damaged by causes other than collision, such as fire, theft, vandalism, hail, flooding, or even hitting an animal.
  • When you buy collision or comprehensive coverage you choose a deductible. This is the amount you pay a repair shop, out of your pocket in event of an accident. The insurance company pays the rest. *A higher deductible may lower your premium*


  • Pays the difference between the settlement amount and the outstanding loan or lease balance if your car is a total loss. This can be a substantial amount as newer cars diminish in value quickly.


  • Pays for the rental car or other transportation while your car is being repaired as part of a collision or comprehensive claim.


  • Pays for towing when you are stuck or disabled at the roadside or as the result of an accident.
  • When it comes to auto insurance Palm Beach Quote Insurance has the answer. Contact us today for your policy review and a free no obligation quote.
Important Notice. This material is for informational purposes only. All statements herein are subject to the provisions, exclusions and conditions of the applicable policy. For an actual description of all coverage, terms and conditions, refer to the insurance policy.
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